Fernanda Tapia

Founder & CEO

Fernanda Tapia is a rising multilingual leader, philanthropist with a passion for innovation and training.  As the founder and CEO of Radiance, Fernanda has built a reputation for outstanding leadership and mentorship. Over the past 10 years, Fernanda has developed in-depth knowledge and skills in Energy, Utilities, Technology, Start-Up, Government, Education and Training, making her a well-rounded and highly capable professional serving across a variety of fields and functions.  Her leadership has propelled the company from a niche Agile Program and Project Management Solutions and Multidisciplinary Training services firm to the innovative firm it is today.

Fernanda’s unwavering commitment to innovation and success has motivated her to make several bold decisions over the years. Fernanda sold her first company, a translation and management-consulting firm, allowing her to create Radiance. Radiance’s evolution and  growth is not only the result of Fernanda’s daring approach to overcoming challenges , but also her immense focus on her values of FAMILY® (Flexibility, Agility, Mentorship, Innovation, Loyalty and Yourself).

In addition to her varied business pursuits, Fernanda is a committed philanthropist and is a passionate advocate for Hispanics and minority communities. Fernanda was elected to serves on the Board of Directors as a Vice President of Marketing for the National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA). Fernanda works to empower millennials and encourage growth and support for others.

“Understanding your roots and your path forward is the key to success. Allowing others to grow with you will help build strong, long lasting and meaningful relationships with your co-workers and peers,” Fernanda’s philosophy.

Certifications: ScrumMaster, SCRUM Product Owner, Green Belt Six Sigma, International Protocol Specialist.